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New Balance 574 is a very well-known sneaker around the world for an excellent reason. The 574 is known for its classic style, generous fit, and comfortable construction. The question of how to fit the 574 correctly is common, as the shoe has a unique fit profile that warrants special consideration. In this article, we’ll dive into the specifics of the New Balance 574’s fit and advise on sizing based on foot type and fit preference. 

Where Do The New Balance 574s Fit?

 New Balance 574 is loved by many for its classic style and generous fit. The spacious toe-box section of the shoe allows for an easy and comfortable fit, and it can accommodate narrow and wide feet alike. The classic style of the shoe is further enhanced by its raised toe box, which provides extra room for those who want a roomy fit. Depending on foot type and fit preference, some people may consider getting a half-size smaller for a snug fit.

Experience In My Life

With most New Balance shoes, such as the 990 models, I wear a US11.5. At US12, the New Balance fits nicely on my feet, but I like to have extra space to spread out my toe. The spacious toe room gives the 574 a very classy look but also helps attain the comfort I desire most. The US12 fits excellent because I like to wear my shoes freely laced. The new balance has a similar fitting profile, and if it is purchased to the actual size, it will prove to be comfortable and spacious.

Perfect For Those People Who Have Narrow Feet

If you have tiny feet, I would suggest you order a half-size smaller shoes than your regular size because they have a big toe box, and not many people like to spread out their toes. The smaller size will prove to be spacious and comfortable for you. If you’re in between sizes and have a narrow fit, go with the smaller size.

For People With Large Feet

Individuals with wider feet should get a true-to-size or a half-size more significant than their usual size, depending on how tight or spacious they want. Even if you want a snug fit, I recommend going true to the extent because the 574 has a reasonably broad footbed that isn’t too restrictive. People with wide-foot should be cautious in choosing their size, and I suggest they in choosing one size up their average size.

Those Who Prefer A Snug Fit

For people who prefer snug-fit shoes as their final, the New Balance 574 as an option which is an ideal choice. The wide footbed and generous toe-box height provide a comfortable fit, and the shoe can easily be laced loosely for those who want a snug fit. To get a guarantee to get a snug foot to your comfort, I suggest going for a more significant number in size in comparison to your standard size. Though the 11.5 may be tempting, it will need to be bigger and provide the desired snug fit.

For People Who Are More Into Roomier Fits In While Choosing Shoes

 The New Balance 574 is designed to fit generously, with a spacious toe-box allowing a more roomy fit. People who prefer a more roomy fit should stay true to size, but those with broader feet may want to go up a half-size for extra space. This will provide enough room to tie the shoes firmly without feeling too tight. 

What Is The Fit Like In Comparison To Other New Balance Models?

The New Balance 574 and 580 are similar in fit, with both having a generous fit profile. The 574 has a raised toe-box height, providing a classic style and extra room in the toe. The 580 has a more streamlined silhouette, with a lower toe-box height than the 574. Both sneakers have a broad footbed that fits true to size. The 574 has a slightly more spacious fit due to its raised toe-box height, while the 580 has a more snug fit because of its lower toe-box height.


Balance 574 is a fantastic choice for people who would give everything for style and a generous fit. A half-size smaller than the usual size is recommended for those with narrow feet. Those with wider feet should go true-to-size or a half-size more prominent, depending on the desired fit. Those looking for a snug fit should go with their larger shoe size, while those wanting a roomier fit can stay true to size or go up a half-size. 

FAQs About New Balance 574

How cozy is a new balance 574?

The New Balance 574 is the quintessential athleisure shoe. The shoes provide good comfort because of their midsole. They are not bouncy and are good for everyday life. Some shoes feel softer on foot, but the 574 provides a decent balance of comfort and stability, which may appeal to older purchasers.

The new balance 574 is composed of what material? What material makes new balance the comfort king in the market?

The majority of New Balance 574 releases include an upper made up of lush panels of suede, mesh, and 3M accents. For increased aesthetic flair, some versions have leather and synthetic panels.

How should the new balance 574 be cleaned?

RESHOEVN8R made clean kit is best to clean and keep the shoes In tip-top condition.

Are a new balance of 574 really worth buying? Do they really have that comfort that everybody is talking about?

If you like the “dad shoe” look, value comfort, and get a good bang for your dollar, the New Balance 574 should be on your radar or wishlist for future purchases. There aren’t many shoes that give the same quality, comfort, and functionality at a retail price of under $100.

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