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The Air Jordan 12 Size + Fit Guide


The Air Jordan 12 is a traditional basketball shoe with a timeless design that has kept it popular for decades. Although the shoe is regarded true to size, the fit may vary based on your foot type and personal preferences. This article will review how the Air Jordan 12 fits and how it varies from other notable Air Jordan styles.

Will The Air Jordan 12 Fit?

The Air Jordan 12 runs true to size and fits well.

In general, the Air Jordan 12 is a proper fit to size, and most buyers will be well satisfied with the standard and readily available measures of the Nike or Jordan Brand.

The Way I Felt About Them.

My shoe size is US12, and with most Nike and Jordan brands, I go for US12. As far as Air Jordan, 12 is considered US12 to go with. I admit that I tend to wear my shoes snugly, but even as a significant person with chubbier feet, the size 12 works well and doesn’t feel too tight with AJ12s.

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Best For People Who Have Narrow Feet

If you are one with narrow feet, then I would still want you to go with your regular size.

The shoe’s design lends itself to becoming an excellent shoe for various foot types.

If your desired size is unavailable, moving down a half-size may be an option for people in-between sizes.

For People With Large Feet

People with larger feet should always go for their true size, depending on how loose and snug they expect their shoes to be. While the Air Jordan 12 is a throwback basketball shoe, the toe and mid-foot region aren’t very small.

Individuals with broad feet who like extra space might choose a half-size-up.

Those Who Prefer a Snug Fit

If loosely tied shoes go with your vibe, then Air Jordan 12 allows you to do without having to size down. The boots are built to match your vibe.

The shoe is constructed so it is simple to get the correct fit without moving down a size.

For Those Who Prefer a Roomy Fit

If you desire a wider fit, you can always buy a half-size higher (particularly for people with broad feet), but the Jordan 12 may wrinkle more than if you remain true to size.

The similarity of the Size of Jordan 12 With Other Shoes

Air Jordan 12 sizes are similar to Air Jordan 4 and Jordan 11, but I always recommend the US12.


The Air Jordan 12 is a classic basketball sneaker that fits and looks terrific. The Air Jordan 12 runs true to size; however, individuals with narrow or broad feet may want to go up or down a half size. The Air Jordan 12 fits similarly to the Air Jordan 4 and 11, so if you’re acquainted with those models, you should have no trouble choosing the correct size.

Air Jordan 12 Frequently Asked Questions

what is the comfort level of the air jordan 12?

Given that it was first introduced in 1997, the Air Jordan 12 is a comfortable sneaker for what it is. The full-length Zoom air unit makes your Jordan experience more comfortable. It is an everyday shoe and should last for a large period until it is completely worn out. As always, using after-market insoles, you may add more cushioning to your shoes.

What materials are used on jordan 12 air?

Most Air Jordan 12 versions have uppers made of leather or suede materials. Jordan Brand may include extra materials for special releases on occasion.

How do you clean an air jordan 12s?

Reshoevn8r made the kit to clean and maintain the Air Jordan in its prime. All the killer elements stay far and far away from the Air Jordans when the Reshoevn8r kit is nearby.

Should you purchase an air jordan 12?

Whether you like retro Air Jordan models or sneakers in general, the Air Jordan 12 must be in your collection. I prefer the original hues that Michael Jordan wore on the court, but there are several amazing GR and collaboration editions that are also worth a grab.

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