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The Official Nike Jordan 3 Fit And Size Chart


The most recognizable sneaker on the Market is the Air Jordan 3, the comfort creator. Since its debut in 1988, it has been a symbol of style and performance, and some of history’s greatest athletes have worn it. The Air Jordan 3 has significantly affected the world of footwear, from Michael Jordan to Drake. So where does it fit in? Is the size of the Air Jordan 3 accurate? Is it relaxing? We will address these questions and more in this post so you can make an informed decision when purchasing your next pair of Air Jordans.

Will The Jordan 3 Adjust With Your Feet, Or Will The Jordan 3s Adjust To The Fact That You Are Wearing Them? 

Generally, Jordan 3 fits well with everyone who goes for his actual size. Continue reading for more advice tailored to your specific foot type and fit preferences.

Understanding Throughout My Daily Existence

I admit that I tend to wear my shoes snugly, but even as a big person with chubbier feet, the size 12 works well and doesn’t feel too tight with AJ3s.

Narrow Feet

It is advised for people having narrow feet to go with their actual size when buying the Jordan 3. The shoe’s design makes it an excellent shoe for various foot types. Moving down a half-size may be an alternative for individuals in-between sizes if your desired size is unavailable.

For Individuals Having Massive Feet

People with massive foot sizes should go for their actual size. This is risk-free in the case of Air Jordan 3. While the Air Jordan 3 is a throwback basketball shoe, the toe, and mid-foot region aren’t very small. Those broad footers that desire additional room might choose to get a half-size up.

The Few Who Chose Comfortable Feel

If you want a nice and tight fit or prefer to keep your shoes loosely tied, the Air Jordan 3 allows you to do so without having to size down. The lacing mechanism on the shoe makes it simple to dial in the optimum fit without needing to move down a size.

For Individuals Who Tend To Favor A Much More Light And Airy Fit

If you like a wider fit, you can always buy a half-size higher (particularly if you have broad feet), but the Jordan 3 lacing systems can be altered to create a more comfortable fit even if you are a standard size.

How The Jordan 3 Can Be Related To The Other Jordan Models Available On The Market

The Air Jordan 3 is very similar in traits and design to Jordan Air 4 and Jordan Air 12. These shoes have some invisible added comfort. Based on my experience, I typically wear a US12 in these shoes and have found that the fit is comfortable and secure. Additionally, the shoe’s design lends itself to being an excellent option for various foot types. Therefore, individuals with broad feet may want to get their actual size, while those with narrower feet can stay true to size. Overall, the Air Jordan 3 fits well and is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and secure fit.

Air Jordan is famous for its comfort and best-fit design and is a preferred choice for people who are much into comfort and secure fit. The shoe is designed to provide ample cushioning and comfort and is true to size for most people. It also fits similarly to other Air Jordan models, so those familiar with the brand should be able to find the right size. With various colors and styles available, the Air Jordan 3 is a great choice for anyone looking for a sneaker that fits well and looks great.


The Air Jordan 3 is a classic sneaker with an iconic design. It has been worn by some of history’s most famous athletes and entertainers, and its appeal shows no signs of dwindling. The Air Jordan 3 fits true to size and is comfortable for most individuals. While it is not the most current trainer on the Market, it is a fantastic alternative for individuals who want a more traditional design and feel. The Air Jordan 3 is a terrific pick for anybody seeking a shoe that fits well and looks amazing, and it comes in a range of colors and designs.

FAQs About Air Jordan 3

What substances were used in the jordan 3?

The majority of Air Jordan 3 versions have full-grain leather uppers with “elephant pattern” sections. Jordan Brand may also use suede or nubuck panels on occasion.

How would you maintain an air jordan 3s?

The cleaning kit from Reshoevn8r includes everything you need to keep your pair in their original shape. Since our Jordan are made of mesh and patent leather, they can easily be cleaned with the kit. This kit will keep your shoes in tip-top condition.

Should you purchase an air jordan 3?

Whether you like retro Air Jordan models or sneakers in general, the Air Jordan 3 must be in your collection. I prefer the original hues that Michael Jordan wore on the court, but there are several amazing GR and collaboration editions that are also worth a grab.

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