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How Does the Air Jordan 1 Fit in Terms of Sizing

The Easy Analysis

The Sizing For Air Jordan 1 Is Perfect, So It Must Fit With Your Actual Size.

For most consumers, sticking with your standard Nike size will be the safest decision, but read on for further information and sizing recommendations for the Air Jordan 1.

It All Began In ’85.

The debut of MJ’s first trademark shoe—the best basketball player to ever play the game—in 1985 will always have a special place in the hearts of sneakerheads. Six distinct colorways made up the original 1985 Air Jordan 1 array, but several additional iterations have since been launched, contributing to the AJ1 legacy’s continued success decade after decade.

The Fire Is Still Burning Dark!

The Air Jordan 1 has, without a doubt, been the most popular shoe in sneaker culture over the past few years, and its ubiquity only appears to be growing. The shoe’s overall style, feel, and appeal remains the same even if the modern AJ1 retros have a slightly different form from the originals introduced in ’85.

The Nike Jordan 1 makes up for any shortcomings in contemporary conveniences with its timeless appeal and fascination across pop culture. The AJ1 will always be current and an excellent choice to add to any shoe rotation, much like the classic Air Force 1.

Size Recommendations

For the original Air Jordan 1 Low, Mid, and High

No Size Is Created Equally.

There is no such thing as the “ideal shoe size,” but rather a “size range” that works well for the majority of individuals. I like to explain before I get into the sizing advice part of the piece. I typically buy clothing in the US 11.5–12 size range regardless of the brand or shape.

This “size range” presumption will support my sizing recommendations and is something you should keep in mind as you read further.

For Folks Blessed With Small Feet

If in doubt, size down by a half.

Most people with narrow feet should buy true to size, but for those who desire a tight 1-to-1 fit, dropping a half-size will be preferable and lessen toe creasing.

If You Have Wider Feet, Buy True To Size.

The Air Jordan 1 is compatible with broad feet, as are most Nike and Jordan Brand throwback basketball sneakers.


Air Jordan 1 reverses the earlier ancestral shoes most. It isn’t the most comfortable shoe by today’s comfort standards, but its timeless design more than makes up for that. You will be happy to buy a pair if you’re fortunate enough to do it at retail.

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