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How Do The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clogs Fit


 The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog is a highly sought-after shoe due to its unique design, comfort, and style. With its eye-catching aesthetics and lightweight construction, the Pollex Clog is ideal for casual wear or everyday activities. Achieving comfort after paying money is a must condition, so you should always opt for the right size. To help you make the best decision, this article will provide advice on how to select the optimal size for the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog based on foot type, desired fit, and experience. From understanding your foot size to considering the fit and style, this article will help you make the best decision when selecting the perfect size for your Pollex Clog.

The Salehe Bembury Crocs run exceedingly large when ordered true to size. The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog generally runs exceptionally large when called true to size. As a result, we recommend purchasing a full-size down but keep reading for further advice depending on your specific foot type and appropriate choice.

Experience In My Life

In most sports and leisure shoes, I wear a US12, but I had to go down a full size with the Salehe Crocs. The first pair I got was in size 12, but they fit more like a size 13 or a little bigger. For reference, I let a buddy who is a US13/14 try on my size 12, and he could wear them with his toe at the edge. I selected a US11 when I got my second pair, and they fit great.

Perfect For Those With Narrow Feet

If you have tiny feet, you should go a full size down, no questions asked.

Those Who Prefer A Snug Fit

Go down a size if you want your clog to fit tightly. Going any lower would likely cause problems. The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog is not manufactured in half sizes so the full-size down will have to do the job. 

For Those People Who Like A Roomier Fit

Even if you prefer a spacious fit, you should size down a full size. The shoe includes an adjustable strap that may be loosened as needed.


 The Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog has been a much-anticipated release that has taken the fashion world by storm. The sleek and elegant design of these Crocs really made them famous. However, it’s essential to ensure you get the right size to get the most out of the shoe. Ordering a full-size down is generally recommended, although this may vary depending on your foot type, desired fit, and experience. The adjustable strap also allows for further customization to ensure the perfect fit. 

Whether looking for a stylish and comfortable shoe for everyday wear or a special occasion, the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog can be a great addition to any wardrobe. You can get most of the use from your shoes if you get the right size and fit since they will suit you and be comfortable for you. So keep the recommended sizing in mind when ordering your pair, and you’ll be sure to enjoy your Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog for years to come.

FAQs About Salehe Crocs

Is the salehe bembury x crocs pollex clog comfortable?

If you’re used to the way classic Crocs feel, the Pollex Clog will feel approximately the same. The cushioning is decent but not soft, especially compared to the Yeezy slides, which have more bounce underfoot. Because the clog is lightweight and the sole is fairly flexible, you may expect to walk comfortably. The footbed is lined with soft fabric material for added comfort. The Clog is an excellent choice for individuals who desire a more fashionable look than ordinary Crocs without sacrificing comfort. The majority of consumers are delighted with the Pollex Clog’s comfort level, with the majority of individuals claiming it’s pleasant for all-day usage. The adjustable backstrap further customizes the fit, making it ideal for individuals with broader feet. Overall, the Salehe Bembury x Crocs Pollex Clog is a comfortable shoe with a fashionable appearance and plenty of padding. The Pollex Clog is a terrific pick if you’re searching for something to wear all day or just a beautiful alternative to wearing out.

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