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What Fits Like For The New Balance 998 Simple Sizing Guideline

How will a pair of New Balance 998s fit? I am considering getting them. Check out our special sizing advice based on facts from the real world to ensure you obtain the right fit.

The Solution:

The 1993 introduction of both men’s and women’s sizes of the “Made in the USA” vintage running shoe known as the New Balance 998. Generally, running shoes similar to the New Balance 998 retros, whether new or vintage, are recognized for having a wider standard width.

Sizing Advice and Recommendations

With the wide range of fit preferences and foot sizes, it might sometimes be challenging to provide sizing recommendations. Even so, I’ve done my best to provide size guidance for individuals looking to buy their first pair of New Balance 998s.

Narrow Footers

If you think you have narrow feet, the 998s allow you to simply drop a half-size from your typical shoe size.

Wide Feet

Depending on how loosely you prefer your shoes to fit, those with larger feet should keep true to size and may even go up a half-size.

Those Who Like a Tight Fit

If you like your shoes to fit snugly, you should definitely size down by a half-size.

Those Who Enjoy a Longer and Wider Fit

If you want a roomier fit in your shoes, you should keep true to size, and people with broader feet may want to consider going up a half size.

My Own Experience

After purchasing my first pair of New Balance 998s in 2013, I have personally owned over six pairs. Over time, the 998 model fits slightly better in pre-2016 vehicles than in ones that were launched subsequently. Although it might just be in my head, it’s important to note

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