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The Nike Jordan 11 Size And Fit Guide


The Air Jordan 11 is a timeless classic that has been in the sneaker game for decades and continues to be a popular shoe today. It is designed to fit true to size and accommodate a wide range of foot types, making it a great shoe for various purposes. Those with narrow feet should remain true to size, whereas those with wide feet may want to go up a half-size. For those who prefer a snug fit, the Air Jordan 11 allows for that without the need to size down. It is also widely considered to be comfortable, with a full-length Zoom Air unit providing adequate cushioning, and is made of materials that are easy to clean. Whether you are looking for a classic basketball shoe or an everyday style, the Air Jordan 11 is a great option that is sure to last. 

Will The Jordan 11 Fit Your Feet And Add A Comfort Boost?

Air Jordan 11 will always fit well because they are true to their size. Most customers are satisfied with the normal Nike or Jordan brand sneakers and shoes. 

Experience In My Life

As you know, for most Nike and Jordan Brand sneakers, I wear US12, and this is the optimal size that goes best, even with the Air Jordan 11. I admit that I tend to wear my shoes tightly, but even as a big person with chubbier feet, the size 12 works well and doesn’t feel too tight with AJ11s.

People With Narrow Feet Should Read The Below.

People with narrow feet should prefer their normal shoe size and should not opt for larger or lower sizes because their own will suit them the best. The shoe’s design lends itself to becoming an excellent shoe for various foot types. Moving down a half-size may be an option for people in-between sizes if your desired size is unavailable.

For People With Large Feet

It depends on how lose you want your shoe to be, and according to that, it is suggested that individuals with big feet should go for their actual size. While the Air Jordan 11 is a throwback basketball shoe, the toe and mid-foot region aren’t very tight. Individuals with broad feet who like extra space might choose a half-size-up.

Those Who Prefer A Snug Fit

For those who prefer a snug fit with their shoes, the Air Jordan 11 is a great choice. The shoe design allows for a snug fit without going down a size. Additionally, the shoe is designed with a full-length zoom air unit, providing ample cushioning and comfort for everyday wear. Individuals with narrow feet should feel comfortable getting their usual Nike or Jordan Brand size, while those with larger feet may want to get a half-size up. Overall, the Air Jordan 11 offers a secure fit for most wearers and is an excellent choice for those who prefer a snug fit.

For People Who Like To Have Space In Their Fit To Boost The Comfort

If you desire a wider fit, you can always buy a half-size higher (particularly for people with broad feet), but the Jordan 11 may wrinkle more than if you remain true to size.

The Similarities Of Jordan 11 With Other Models 

The Air Jordan 11 is very similar in traits and design to Jordan Air 4 and Jordan Air 12. These shoes have some invisible added comfort. Based on my experience, I typically wear a US12 in these shoes and have found that the fit is comfortable and secure. Additionally, the shoe’s design lends itself to being an excellent option for various foot types. Therefore, individuals with broad feet may want to get a half-size up, while those with narrower feet can stay true to size. Overall, the Air Jordan 11 fits well and is an ideal choice for those looking for a comfortable and secure fit.

Air Jordan is famous for their comfort and their best-fit design and is a very preferred choice for people who are much into comfort and secure fit. The shoe is designed to provide ample cushioning and comfort and is true to size for most people. It also fits similarly to other Air Jordan models, so those familiar with the brand should be able to find the right size. With various colors and styles available, the Air Jordan 11 is a great choice for anyone looking for a sneaker that fits well and looks great.

FAQs About Air Jordan 11

What is the comfort level of the air jordan 11?

Given that it was first introduced in 1996, the Air Jordan 11 is a comfortable sneaker for what it is.
Shoe’s full-length zoom air adds an additional comfort booster. These are the best casual wear shoes and last for a very long time.
As always, you may add more cushioning to your shoes using after-market insoles.

Jordan 11, the iconic masterpiece, is made up of what materials add to the beauty of the shoe?

The majority of Air Jordan 11 releases have uppers comprised of a lightweight Cordura mesh with a patent leather mudguard wrapping around the whole upper.

How do you clean an air jordan 11s?

The cleaning kit from Reshoevn8r includes everything which you need to keep your pair in their original shape. Since our Jordan are made of mesh and patent leather, they can easily be cleaned with the kit. This kit will definitely keep your shoes in tip-top condition.

Should you purchase an air jordan 11?

Whether you like retro Air Jordan models or sneakers in general, the Air Jordan 11 must be in your collection. My preference is for the original hues that Michael Jordan wore on the court, but there are a number of amazing GR and collaboration editions that are also worth a grab. 
And yup, these are my whims, but since you asked the question… 
“Get a pair if you haven’t already,” I’ll have to say.

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