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How Does The New Balance 550 Fit With Your Feet and How They Fit With Different Sizes?

The New Balance 550 comes larger than usual, making it a bit unique and complicated while choosing the right size for them.

The New Balance 500 is a touch long and slightly tight in the toe, so most consumers should stick with their most frequent New Balance size. This may imply ordering a half-size smaller than your usual Nike or Adidas size. However, keep reading for additional unique insights and sizing recommendations depending on your foot form and fit choice.

The Reappearance of The 550

The 80s basketball sneaker has become the most sought-after section in the sneaker market, and New Balance is capitalizing on the trend. Before the Aimé Leon Dore hues debut, a massive hit in 2020, the Boston brand’s 550 models had almost been forgotten. Since introducing the ALD, many more approachable in-line hues have appeared. Many sneakerheads and casual purchasers have begun to notice and enjoy the vintage silhouette’s vibes.

Do You Have an Interest In The New Balance 550? Are They Worth It?

The throwback vibe has definitely put the New Balance 550 on your Wishlist, and you will be carving to have pair for yourself.

More inexpensive and accessible than the uber-popular Air Jordan 1, the 550 is a retail market option that is significantly less difficult to obtain.

What might you anticipate from the 550 retailing for close to $100?


Most releases include an upper made mainly of smooth leather with potential accents that aren’t of the highest quality but are more than suitable, given the price range.


You can’t expect much from an 80s basketball sneaker in terms of comfort, but the 550 is unexpectedly one of the better-cushioned throwback versions available in the class.

Size Recommendations

No Size Is Created Equally.

There is no “ideal shoe size” but rather a “size range” that works well for most individuals; I like to explain this before I get into the sizing advice part of the piece. I typically buy clothing in the US 11.5–12 size range regardless of the brand or shape.

Given the preceding, my recommendations will be based on a “size range.” 

For People Who Have Short Feet

Cut Your Size in Half.

As I have told you, the New Balance 550 is made larger than usual, so going with your actual size in case it will not be the optimal way. So instead, you should go for a smaller size to get the perfect fit against your feet.

Folks Who Are Blessed With Larger Massive Feet

Wide-footers may wear most New Balance throwback basketball sneakers, and the 550 model is no exception. Those with broader feet can get away with ordering their average size, but you can go one size up if you prefer thicker socks.


Although the New Balance 550 isn’t the most comfortable shoe available today by modern comfort standards, its timeless style makes up for it. It’s a good deal and will only break the bank if you have to buy it on the secondary market because it’s barely over $100.

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