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Size guide How Does The Air Max 1 Fit

If you want to buy your first pair of Nike Air Max 1s but aren’t sure how they fit, see this size guide based on genuine personal experience.

Nike Air Max 1 fits best to your actual size

Most customers should stick to their most common Nike size but keep reading for additional specific insights and sizing recommendations for people with diverse foot shapes and fit preferences.

Not All Sizes Are Created Equally.

Remember there is no such thing as an ideal shoe size and I always emphasize that there is a range of shoe sizes that come in handy and are easily adjustable. Regardless of brand or shoe style, I regularly buy in the US 11.5/12 size range.

Excellent For Folks Who Have Small Feet

Keep it accurate to fit.

For Air Max going down, half-size would be preferable since the Nike shoes are generally narrow, so people with small feet should opt for a smaller size and ultimately they will get the best fit. 

Many With Bigger Feet

True to size or a half-size up

If you have broad feet, I would recommend ordering a half-size higher if you like more toe room. Wide footers that want a snug fit can stay true to size, however, they may have a minor toe crunch for the first few uses until the shoe breaks in.

Additional Information About the Air Max 1

The Most Iconic Air Max From Nike!

The Nike Air Max 1 is perhaps the most influential running sneaker Nike has ever created. AM1 is Tinker Hatfield’s best creation and it became the classy shoe that has proved its worth among the related models.

The Air Max 1 was a trailblazer in many respects, not only for Nike but for the whole shoe industry. 


The Nike AM1 is a masterpiece and has proved its worth around the globe and because of this, it has a huge amount of loyal following around the world. The shoe’s sleek and stylish design, iconic air unit, and comfortable fit make it a great choice for those looking for a fashionable and comfortable sneaker. Whether you’re looking for a retro-inspired colorway or a more modern take on the classic, the Nike Air Max 1 is a great option for sneakerheads of all ages.

FAQs About the Nike Air Max 1.

Should You Purchase The Air Max 1?

If you like the retro-runner style but don’t want to spend a premium for a shoe, the Nike Air Max 1 should be on your radar or wishlist for forthcoming purchases.
Air Max 1 is not a performance running shoe and before buying it you should be careful. But, in my opinion, the AM1 is the best option for people searching for fashionable yet comfortable sport-casual shoes.

Is The Air Max 1 Comfortable?

The shoe’s running and sporting Heritage makes it an excellent pick for all-day use, but don’t expect the padding to blow you away. The midsole technology is considerably firmer than in most modern running or athleisure shoes, but this may be ideal for people who value foot stability and require extra support.

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